Why is Early Christian Education Important?

A proper Christian Parenting based on Biblical principle is vital to child’s growth. In this article, I explain the importance of an early Christian education.

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The Spirit, Soul and Body

The Bible tells us that we are made of spirit, soul and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Of the three, the body is easiest to understand. We have the parts of the body that we see, like arms and legs, and underneath our skin, we have organs, bones, nerves, blood vessels, etc.

The soul is bit trickier. It is broken down into the mind, heart, and will. The will determines whether to take the action or not. The mind and heart are sometimes used interchangeably, but difference is that heart is the part of the soul that controls our desires, emotions, hopes, dreams, and other intangible parts, whereas the mind controls the intellect, reason, and thought.

In our walk with Jesus, we need both mind and heart to be balanced. For instance if our heart is too strong, then we can be faithful to false doctrine. On the other hand, if our mind is too strong, then we will not have intimate relationship with our Saviour.

Than there is the spirit. The spirit is the most often neglected, because it is unseen and most difficult to relate to. But the spirit is there, when the Bible says that we are made in image of God (Genesis 1:26-27), our spirit is the image of God. The spirit can not be seen, how do we know that we have spirit within us?

Just because spirit can not be seen, it does not mean that it does not exist. There are many things in the world that we can not see, but we know that it exists, like air that we breathe, and as I discussed above, mind, heart and will all exists although we can not see it.

Furthermore, there are other indications that something else than soul exists in our body. Why do very rich people greed to be more rich? When we taste something good, we grow into wanting food that is even tastier. Why is addictions of all kinds so rampant in our society? Could it be that we are not satisfied? Could it be that there is part of our body that is not properly nourished that it is calling out for its need?

We educate and nourish our body and soul by learning, experiencing, exercising and eating, but often spirit is neglected. Let’s look at a three-legged stool, if one leg is broken, than the stool will stand no longer. Thus, if one part of our body is neglected, it cries out before the whole body falls. It tries to get fed, so that it does not be broken. For many spirit is crying out. But not knowing that the spirit is hungering, we often try to fill that void with something else. That is why rich people’s greed is never satisfied, our taste bud searches for something tastier. The desires of human being will continue to thirst because they are not feeding the proper nourishment.

The Christian education nurtures children in all three parts of the body, so that they grow up well-balanced. Children participate in worship, praying, and study the Bible to nourish the spirit. Secular education do a great job educating children on the soul and the body. But because they do not educate the spiritual part of the body, the whole body is lacking.

A tree needs balanced ingredient of water, nutrients and sunlight to grow properly. If one of the ingredient is missing, than the growth will be hampered.  Similarly, children need balanced nutrition to grow. A well balanced children have strong foundation to stand on, so that when storms of life hit them, they can withstand the force and come out stronger.

Thank you for reading my article, please leave any questions or comments below.