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Abeka is a Christian publishing company that produces K-12 curriculum. It began in 1972 by the current parent organization Pensacola Christian College of Florida, USA. Abeka is well associated as a home school curriculum, but its curriculum consists of full subjects based on biblical principles for Christian school as well as for home schools.

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Curriculum for Christian Schools

Abeka’s school curriculum is divided into two main sections: student’s books and teacher’s books. Student’s books consists of text books, work books, and other studying materials. The teacher’s books are guidebooks, test materials, answer keys and other teaching tools. These books and materials are available for nursery age (<2) to grade 12.

Teacher’s guideline has detailed lesson plans, so that you can schedule a plan and even though you may are not been familiar with the subject, you can still teach the students by following the lesson plans. This is feasible in lower grades, but as students reach higher level, teachers relying sole on the guidebook becomes difficult.

I have found the academic level of Abeka curriculum challenging. Here in Ontario, Canada, we find the academic difficulty of Abeka curriculum to be even with or higher than public school curriculum.

Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka’s home school curriculum is similar to the Abeka’s school curriculum, but it addresses the fact that parents may not have the special training to teach as a teacher would have. Also, it is more flexible to mind the fact that the learning hours to home school environment may not be structured as a school hours.

Homeschooling students will go through the curriculum until grade 12 and take high school diploma equivalency test, like GED to apply to college or university. Some student may opt to transfer into a regular school before grade 12 and graduate with high school diploma.

Some homeschooling parents can get help from Abeka Academy, which a homeschooling children can learn from prerecorded lessons.

Abeka Academy

Abeka Academy lightens the load of teaching for the parents by allowing their children learn from prerecorded lessons by Abeka’s professional teachers.

Abeka Academy is available from K4 to grade 12. You have options to take certain courses or take all the Academy requirements to graduate with Abeka Academy’s diploma.

One of the unknown advantage that Abeka Academy will bring is that it will provide a child with self-directed learning experience. Self-directed learning is where a student drives the learning process and it can be more effective than traditional instructional learning. This skill becomes more important as you move up in grades. As high school students they must be able to self-directed learn to prepare for college or university.

Purchasing the curriculum

Abeka’s website ( has the complete selection of the curriculum and their service has been excellent. There are other book stores, like and Amazon, but they may not have all the selections required.

The pricing may vary, but generally, they are the same whichever the book store you buy from. We found the delivery of all three book stores to be very efficient and fast (usually within a week). You must remember that at the start of the school year (late August and September), the shipping department can be overwhelmed, so expect delays during that time.


One of the great benefit of Abeka Book is that they ship to most North American location FREE and promptly. I live in Toronto, Canada and my orders arrive within 3 to 4 business days in excellent condition.

Abeka Books - packagedAbeka Books - shipping boxThey wrap the books to protect from damaging, so the books arrive in mint condition.  The wrapped books are placed into the box with bubble wraps for additional protection against damages. Please see the related pictures.




Other Materials

Besides the text books and teaching materials, Abeka offers many other resources to help the teacher or parents be successful in teaching the students.



Product Name: Abeka Christian Curriculum


Purchase:,, and other book stores



  • It is biblically based curriculum
  • Complete teacher’s and student’s materials needed to run a private Christian school
  • Complete and user-friendly curriculum to start a home school
  • Colorful and intuitive styled curriculum to keep the student’s interest on the subject
  • Multiple source of purchasing, like, Christian, Amazon
  • Easy for teachers or parents to teach and guide students
  • Abeka Academy is there to help take teaching load off of teachers and parents


  • It has accelerated approach to learning and this may not be for every student
  • It is not cheap
  • The workbooks are designed to be reused, which can add to the total

Abeka is an excellent curriculum for Christian school as well as for home school. If you are looking to bring your students/children up on accelerated learning, this is excellent curriculum to begin with.

My rating for Abeka is 4.7 out of 5.

Thank you for reading my review. Please feel free to leave comments about my review or share your personal review of Abeka.