Reading – Lost Art of Learning

The reading is one of the most important learning method in the early childhood training. Unfortunately, this art of learning is losing its appeal and is being neglected.

With advent of computer and internet, most of the information is being transferred in graphics. When the brain is used to graphical information, then reading words becoming boring and archaic. One of the reason that the children who play computer games have difficulty in concentrating on reading a written material, is precisely that. Their brain in wired to respond to graphical images and anything less graphical does not register in their brain. It is shame that many parents and teachers do not see the importance of reading.

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Early reading by parents have significant effect.Reading should be taught as early as possible, even before birth. As we all know that anything that a woman does during pregnancy, it affects the fetus, so that reading good books will plant a seed in the child before they are even born.

Additionally, after a child is born parent reading to their child is very crucial. As they hear your voice and observe you reading, their interest in reading is aroused. Their learning ability in the first three years of their life, is the most important and influential, because they learn so much. (More details in my article “Child’s Brain is like a Sponge”). Reading to a child at very young age is one way to prepare your child to have interest in reading, before they become exposed to graphical transferring of knowledge.

As a parent, if you are trying to create interest in your child to read, there are application that can help. Try Reading Head Start. This program which emphasis just reading 15 minutes per day and 3 days per week, will make tremendous improvement in child’s reading.

It would be easy to give a crying child a cell phone to play with. Having so much to do, having to take care of child can be added burden at times. However, early childhood training is so important to a child for the rest of their lives. It may seem like a sacrifice, but as a parent, this will be sacrifice that is required, so that your child has the best opportunity to succeed.

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