Christian Parenting – Guiding your Child to Successful Career

It seems that parenting, in general, has become more complex and costly. Baby boomers remember growing up in a large family with many siblings. Modern family is much smaller in comparison, yet, there seems to be more problems.

Christian parenting faces even more challenges with so many temptations from the world. How do you protect children from making the wrong choices and grow up to lead a successful life. A life that is making significant  contributions to the society, rather than taking from it. Please read my article on “Why is Early Christian Education Important

Helping a child to choose a successful career is one of the significant challenges of Christian parenting. It is said that by the time a child grows up to go to college, the amount of academic discipline to select will be doubled from the time the child is born. With the advent of the computer age, the advance in technology has expedited the new fields of study onto the educational institutions. This makes choosing a career for child even more challenging.

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New Academic Disciplines

We can easily see many new fields of study in college now. Some of the notable new fields of study that are readily Christian Parentingavailable in higher learning are: Stem Research, Nanotechnology, Data mining, AI, Robotics, Forensic Science, Human Computer Interaction. Many of these academic disciplines were not available before or they were only taught at very specific institutions.

In addition to the increase in the academic discipline, the way education is provided has dramatically changed. Currently, receiving education online is very popular method because of the convenience and economics. No longer do you have to pay high tuition to attend prestigious institution to be successful in life. Now young and old people alike get education online and create their own online business to make a living and many do exceptionally well. For instance, Wealthy Affiliate is one of such online training sites. Please read my review on “Wealthy Affiliate”.

With such diverse fields of study and different methods of delivery, it seems like a mountain of effort is needed to effectively advise our children on their careers. Yet, as parent/guardian, one of the most important things to do is to guide the children onto a career that can be purposeful and rewarding. Advising on a career for the young is a difficult task, but with preparation, it can be accomplished with effectiveness.

Talent - young ballerina


Firstly, parents must understand that each child has talents that are unique to the individual. Simply, the talents are somethings that a child does very well at and God provides each child with unique talents. Whether their talents are in language, mathematics, sciences, arts, music, sports or others, it is important to recognize their unique talents.

These talents are not only shown in school, but it can be shown outside of the school, so that parents need to keep a keen eye. Once these talent or talents are identified, parents must encourage the child, so that they can continue to develop it. 

One of the major problems that occurs is that parents have preconceived ideas about what their children’s career should be, so they do not see the true talent in their child. 

Interests - graphic designer


Secondly, the guardians must recognize what child likes to do. As a caveat, there maybe times when guardians must provide boundaries or curve their interest to something more productive. For example, many children like to play computer games. Just because they enjoy playing games, it should not be left alone. This habit is difficult to break and often leads to addiction. It is much better done as a preventative measure. Great way to prevent children from game addiction is to expose them to reading, early. Please read my article on “Reading – Lost Art of Learning”.

Moreover, young children’s interest may change as they grow, so do not fixate their first interest to be their career to pursue. If children’s interest continues onto high school age, then it is a good field to pursue. 

More importantly, if their interest and talent coincide, then it exponentially increases the chance of them succeeding in their chosen career. However, this confirmation should not be done hastily. 

Many high school students graduate without clear vocation to pursue. It is pertinent for guardians to watch their children and discuss with them about their talents and interests, so that guardians can guide their children by the time they choose their college major.


Thirdly and most importantly, parents need to be praying. The world is becoming more and more complicated. We can no longer rely only on human intelligence to succeed. We all need divine intervention. 

As he/she prays for their children’s future, the prayer may begin with generic topics, as there are many careers to choose from. But as children grow and their talents and interests are being moulded, the prayers will be more focused.

Christian Teachers

Another crucial factor in child’s career selection is the teachers. However, teachers can play a negative role as well as positive role in children’s development. This is why Christian education is utterly important in children. Because teachers in Christian schools are teaching for higher purpose and not their personal career, they provide an education that is truly beneficial for the students. This can not be accomplished in mass student classroom settings of public school, if you’d like more information. I explain more on my article “Why Early Christian Education is Important”.

Raising children to choose a successful career is not an easy task. But it can be accomplished by choosing a career that would combine their talents and interests. The parents must be focused in their prayer to identify the talents and interest to guide the children. So that the children, eventually, choose a career that will enable to live a purposeful life. In a world of uncertainty, preparing for a child’s future, in such a way, will provide for higher success.

I thank you for reading my article. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to leave below.